LIVE review: Skinnned @ Belfast + Alexanders @ Lisburn

The previous live shows have been a great success!

A sincere thanks to all bands we have toured with over the past few months, and to all the clubs and sound engineers we have had the pleasure of working with.

A couple of short reviews have made it into NI press, courtesy of Belfast Metalheads Reunited and Planet Mosh – cheers guys!

Thanks also to Cara Roberts Art & Photography for the live shots.

Belfast Metalheads Reunited 18/04/2015: “With a single recently out on Grindscene Records The Crawling are a welcome breath of fetid death as they pour out slowed down death, with groove brought in only when needed – the rest of the time the three-piece grind down listeners with intent to injure the aural tracts of all in attendance.

Planet Mosh 09/05./2015: “The arrival of The Crawling signals the β€œbig boys coming out to play”. Their dark, grooving death metal is built on dense hypnotic rhythms and huge harmonic melodies, mixed with dark intensity and topped with positively evil vocal growls. Nearly everyone in the room has moved forward, entranced by the new pretenders on the NI DM scene, who lay down a concrete firm marker with a hugely technical performance which is played with ease and professional efficiency – and not a hint of feedback or any of the issues which had dominated so many of the earlier sets.

Cara Roberts Art & Photography (c)

Cara Roberts Art & Photography (c)

Cara Roberts Art & Photography (c)

The Dark Queen (c) PlanetMosh 2015

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