CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Hateful Metal

That it does not take much to convince me to prove The Crawling from Northern Ireland with elegant ease. “In The Light Of Dark Days” is the new EP, which was founded in 2014 tape. Is touted as the whole, Slow Death ‘, which you can let it go, and I use the term Death Doom appropriate since established, find.

The Crawling do absolutely nothing new. The three compositions provide clean produced and powerful Death Doom represents the melancholic melodies with a haunting, throaty and deep vocals combined. I’ve often heard so beautiful, yet succeeded in Northern Ireland immediately to convince me of it.

As I mentioned in the first sentence, it took for not much. After all, what has THE CRAWLING immortalized on the Silberling substance, is from beginning to end simply convincing. First, there are the very good melodies. On the one hand to play the guitar is very clear, however – or perhaps because of it – very concisely and effectively. The doomy not rampant and despite the prevailing slow and latent melancholy THE CRAWLING continue to set hard and gripping accents. In addition to the bass-rich and powerful sound, this is also due to the excellent vocals.The voice is throaty, earthy and very deep, but also very comprehensible. The song conveys both harshness and severity, as well as dedicated melancholy. With sorrow and sadness do not overdo THE CRAWLING incidentally. Although the compositions have a melodic and atmospheric component, but it is neither too thickly nor THE CRAWLING lost in bombastic elegy.

I like “In Light Of Dark Days” very good and the EP makes you want more. For me, this part is in the range of Death Dooms a highlight of the year.

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