CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Metal Is Forever Alive

After a one track single, which was launched early last year as a test balloon into circulation, place the Ulsterman THE CRAWLING to Now.For a complete album, it has not yet passed always, but at least this time it’s an EP become (with three tracks). Musically can be “In Light of Dark Days” in the division Death / Doom (MY DYING BRIDE,AHAB) lane, whereThe Crawling Sludge / Doom can at times also “modern” influences the brand CROWN with incorporated what the songs a bit gives more power and Intesivität. Atmospheric the EP rages in eisger cold and deep despair, but every now and again, by very briefly held bright spots, is loosened up in the form of quieter acoustic parts. These acoustic parts, however, are truly to be understood only as a brief moment of pause, as they typically by powerful Sludge / Doom breaks relatively quickly snuffed made. 

In keeping with the somber mood commute the vocals, which are contributed by two strings artistes, between mighty growls and malicious nagging back and forth, which clearly reserve the former prevailed. 
The Crawling place on “In Light of Dark Nights” an impressive maturity to the day, so you can at first longplayer of the trio, who will hopefully nachgeschoben this year, are already looking forward.

Conclusion: “In Light of Dark Days” is a dark Death / Doom Broken, which is a, let go no longer so quickly after the initial contact. Give it a try! Saustark!(JK)

9 of 10


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