CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Metal Nose

What a great surprise and discovery in doom/death metal The Crawling is! With the first sounds I spontaneously thought of Mourning Beloveth and these three guys come from the neighbourhood. Well actually Northern Ireland, which is properly UK, but well… And there appears to be another link when I do my investigation. The band is founded recently in 2014, but one of the three guys happens to be Andy Clarke from Honey For Christ. That’s a band I always liked as well. That’s the reason for that captivating quality, alright…

This trio released earlier the single ‘Choking On Concrete’ and the reactions on social media were full of praise. Now they release a MCD ‘In Light Of Dark Days’ with three songs, altogether good for twenty minutes music. ‘The Right To Crawl’ is our first encounter: slow electrified plucking guitars pass into a monumental outburst with heavy death growls. During the fervent acceleration, vocals get more scream-like akin to black, almost. But then they return to those great sounding plucking guitars with drawling leads. ‘End Of The Rope’ is shorter, but embraces the contrast between slow doom notes and tight heavy parts with momentum as well. The eight minutes long ‘Catatonic’ starts slow with drums and bass, but it is very beautiful when guitars join in at full force. This sounds like a bell, the production is heavy yet impressive. There is again some blackened feel in the faster parts. We can now already say that it tastes for more! Please continue with a full length guys!


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