CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Wings Of Death

The Crawling is a trio from Northern Ireland, where I had never heard of until this EP. Too bad, because their music suits me. The trio is under this name only since 2014 together; The musicians are also not exactly known, only drummer Gary Beattie I know Zombified, an old school death metal band.

Under that category you The Crawling also a little scissors, already the band adds a serious game of doom to it. Three pretty long, especially love songs lingering your attention from beginning to end fixed, almost 20 minutes long. Or too short actually, because here I lust or porridge! Slow, sensitive, compelling, at times with a spicy burst. Elaborated, exciting intros and well constructed songs managed to put the power down well. A nice creepy atmosphere does the rest.

Especially End Of The Rope is a fine alternate number, it starts unexpectedly melodic, but the ponderous riffs and ditto grunts put it all in a considerably heavier daylight. Do not misunderstand me: the music is still good on the stomach, but the approach is so catchy that this really is a nice addictive song. Compact length too. Anyhow of The Crawling the music is not too complicated each other, expecting there are no technical frills, but ‘just’ super well conducted music. With Catatonic worthy final chord: wistful and haunting, this truly delightful doom for the enthusiast!

With a throbbing bass, banging drums and alternating heavy and flamboyant riffs, this death / doom in the book. The hawking putgrunt makes the picture complete. Not surprising or original, but oh so delicious. Highly recommended!

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