CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Evil Rocks Hard

The next output of the Ulsterman me her selbstbenannten Slow Death.This Slow Death is characterized by strong melody lines, variable drumming, sometimes very progressive melody runs and tempo changes from repetitive guitar melodies and a guttural voice is perfectly understandable and thoroughly goes, a hammer voice.

Since this is only an EP, it is advisable to listen to the whole album. The opening track, The Right to Crawl ‘appears from the title as the raison d’être of the frontman, just awesome. Deep black, oppressive, sometimes Blast but equally evenly also this groovy part. So it goes in the other two songs.

My tip: In short, one can only wonder if these guys bring even a whole album on the market. This EP is more than an appetizer, it arouses lofty thoughts and claims. Here and now, cool. Check it out. The fries fork in greeting !!!


Car Sten


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