CD review: ‘In Light of Dark Days’ – Brultalism

In the dark depths of the Northern Ireland region of the UK, The Crawling slither and cause a disturbance to all with their dark doom laden death metal, ever so often a touch of blackened magic appears and makes this a cool recorded effort. Although a short 3 track EP, there is plenty of material in terms of running time due to the song lengths, but why is this redeeming? Well, it simply encapsulates you as the listener into their world, their dark, almost atmospheric vision and you feel as one with some of the dulcet and extreme tones that emanate from this band.

Some may recognise one member from Honey for Christ (Andy Clarke), a band I saw probably 9 or 10 years ago, the crossover of influences are here on this release, but I find this much more inclusive and engaging as a total package. There is a sincere level of quality from the songs, the recording and the emotion that the music portrays, this is definitely one of the best collection of songs I have heard for a while in this field, and to those going to Inferno festival this year, there is a perfect opportunity to catch these guys live.


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