LIVE review: Bloodstock 2016 – Chordblossom

First of the Northern Irish acts was this year’s Metal 2 the Masses winners The Crawling(you can read about their victory here), whose doomy death metal proved to fit the style of Bloodstock perfectly. 

Their commanding half hour set on the Friday drew a large crowd into the New Blood stage tent almost immediately, and those lucky enough to witness them were mightily impressed by their darkly pulsating songs. 
Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke is a true showman, with a snarling voice that drips with venom and a penetrating glare that pins the crowd into place. They play an engrossing mix of both slow and fast music which keeps the crowd hooked, and by the time they arrive at final track ‘The Right to Crawl’ it’s clear that they’ve smashed their set right out of Catton Park. Magnificent.

Melanie Brehaut

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