CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Ragherrie

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 15.50.16(via Google Translate) Fun, such documentary in which the ‘saudade’ is exposed from the Portuguese fado, which stands for the nostalgia and melancholy, which this music is imbued. Fortunately, we have an equivalent in our metal world, and that is certainly the (death) doom with roots in the 90s.

The Crawling is a band from Northern Ireland released after an ep to have in 2015, now with Anatomy of Loss releases their debut album. With such a band name, title and song titles like An Immaculate Deception and All Our failings is readily apparent that sadness, melancholy, loss and bitterness is the inspiration of this Northern Irish trio. The lyrics are mostly quite short and with passages like “I am the greatest lie ever told i ‘or’ My dailiy torment of self loathe ‘gentlemen seem not to walk confidently.The music is packed in seven strong numbers overall between 5 to 7 minutes bells and where classical (death) doom reigns supreme in the 90s.

The Crawling mainly operates on mid-tempo range offers relatively little variation in the music. The sounds are only bass, drums and guitar brought. There are no (semi) acoustic parts or parts where the tempo as drops or even accelerates. Yet the music captivates the full 45 minutes. This has everything to do with the skill of The Crawling to write songs in a convincing manner. Guitarist Andy Clarke shakes simple but memorable riffs from his guitar. Drummer and bassist Stuart Gary Beattie Rainey primarily next to the guitar melody and keep sober.

As Clarke and Rainey both take the vocal duties that offers some variation. However, there is no singing clean and screams limited to brief touches like the closing epic Catatonic . Some variation provides further dialing All Our failings, with a mid-groovy death metal riff enters. Catatonic is the highlight of the album because this is actually the only song where the bitterness of the lyrics really convincingly through to the listener. The other numbers are less, but  Anatomy of Loss has no outliers down.

The conclusion is that The Crawling made an impressive debut. Stylistically it is somewhere between October Tide and the old Katatonia. Patches of Novembers Doom also pass. What more variety would make the next album stronger. but fans of classic (death) doom can now undoubtedly already closed. The artwork of someone standing on the edge of a cliff makes the whole picture completely. Topper!




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