CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Live Reviewer

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.48.42According to Andy Clarke, “Anatomy of Loss” is an album inspired by events that have been experienced by the band itself. In short, a collection of stories about loss, regret, despondency, failure and mourning and how the band and man generally deal with or try to deal with it.

This reading also tells you what direction it is about music. Although all come from the death metal corner, this album is quite doom-focused, but the death metal aspect remains audible, especially in the less slow pieces. The influences are therefore earlier in the direction of Paradise Lost than in My Dying Bride’s direction. The beginning of ‘An Immaculate Deception’ with only guitar and a spoken text does not suggest what direction it’s going to be, but when the vocal is over, the song is already a bit melancholy. The number stays fairly mid-tempo, which means that it does not get too overweight again.

The vocals of both Stuart and Andy are low, but not as emotionally loaded as most doombands. ‘Acid on my Skin’ is starting to slow down with the song that goes even deeper than on the rest of the album. In the chapters, the pace rises slightly and clearly drives the men’s death metal background upward.

‘The Right to Crawl’ begins very simple with just the guitar and minimal bass and slowly rises slowly and then slows down again. This is repeated a number of times and then accelerated to a peak at the end. The slot number ‘Catatonic’ begins with sparse drums and guitar and the sound of thunder in the background. This is how doom should be. However, the pace is re-screwed, but the number remains intense and penetrating. The song ends somber with the sound of thunder and rain.

The band knows a good combination of doom and death. The doomy aspect to boost the lyrics power and the death section do not make it so insane that you want to throw yourself after listening to the album for the train.


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