CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Subterraneo

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 22.59.11With their first album come the Irish THE CRAWLING ready to leave in the imprint of the metal a new contribution to death doom. They already had an EP released in 2015 which, apart from making the group’s style very clear, also showed that they were not presenting anything new. Two years later they present the new album, Anatomy of the loss , with a very different result from the EP. This new work of seven cuts of approximately six minutes each, comes presenting a much more defined and own style.

If in the previous EP they had been short in obtaining it, this disc exceeds the expectations of anyone. Melancholy and darkness take over the environment they manage to create by standing on the edge of an abyss of despair. From the first minute you can feel the feeling that infuses the entire album. With a very clear and defined style that seams very well both styles that are doom and death metal to create a framework of a heavy melody with riffs that oscillate between two styles keeping in the middle of a fine line that keeps them balanced.

Of the three songs that have the EP two of them are repeated in the album and bring us another five songs full of melancholy and pessimism. ” The right to crawl ” and ” Catatonic ” are those cuts that we already knew before, which despite being technically well-worked themes do not seem to be a great innovation of style. They make the difference with others like ” Poison orange ” that seem to mix more styles and do not sound so topical. Or ” Acid on my skin ” that despite being one of the shortest songs of the album is the most interesting with those changes of rhythm between verse and chorus.

In general the group has made a good album that despite having pulled EP themes have known how to compose other five cuts of pretty good quality. Watching the progression of the band can be said that they have done a good job but that can come to give much more.



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