CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Invicta Magazine

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 14.51.41The Crawling are certainly something different to what I expected them to be with the name. They’ve got some very death metal and doomy influences in their songs that keep me interested from start to finish on the album which is a shock as I usually get bored super easy with doom albums. The first song titled An Immaculate Deception has a certain riff that makes my head nod all the way through and keeps me thinking what the rest of the album could be like.

This album contains longer tracks than what I am used to listening too but I am not bored from any of them as they contain certain bits that are different to the rest of the songs which makes them unique and keeping my ear listening out for new bits that I don’t expect.  I feel the vocals of Andy and Stuart on the tracks also are super unique which keeps me listening as well as they are all unique in their own way.

If I had to choose a favourite track off this release that really keeps me listening it would have to be  Poison Orange as it has your typical doom opening riff that builds up into a punchy melody which makes me bang my head slowly along to the track which I guess is what they are trying to do I hope.Everything about this track just sucks me in and I can’t stop going back to listen to as the vocals soar over the mix extremely well. The vocals make me a bit jealous that they can do them so deep and forceful.

I recommend anyone checking this release out as it’s not what you’d expect it to be like but better


Invicta Magazine
Phil Walker



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