CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ –

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.37.06.pngI find it really prophetic that High Graz has forwarded the Irish Crawling album to the day of St. Patrick’s Day .
A prophecy, therefore, that tells of melodious Celtic melodies, rubicondi goblins jumping for green meadows in search of four-leafed, hectoliters of beer strewn between choirs, laughs and enthusiastic toasts … no eh?

No, in fact.
At this turn, there is an abundance of dripping into a dull maze of mourning, sorrow, regret. And in all honesty, I prefer that.

The three musicians who make up the band must obviously have tastes like me, since in the 45 minutes that make up the platter, you will not turn one that can project a minimum of light on the sound.
There is a dark pesto and impenetrable in the world of The Crawling , and to realize it you just need to put your ear on the ” An Immaculate Deceptionopener , an effective compendium of the stylistic coordinates of the combo.

Coordinates suggesting a subdivision of doom and death metal tasks, where the first genus is entrusted with the task of providing the foundations to the compositions, while the second is to keep it dynamic and alive (it is a contradiction in terms, I know).
The strategy, in my view, works well, even thanks to a production I would call “serious”: no artifact, balanced mixing to perfection and excellent rendering of the rhythm section. Add a compositional maturity that you would not expect from a group to record debut and you will not be able to get good results.

By running the tracklist , in fact, you can find different moments of value: I think of ” Poison Orange “, ” Acid on My Skin ” (in my opinion the best) and ” Catatonic ” -ripescata, along with ” The Right to Crawl ” Previous EP – that they drink to the funeral source, keeping the mood hopeless but moving their rhythms, or ” All Our Failings “, which is instead a more decisive point and a purely evocative death , a territory where ours can move without I stumble some – in fact, a couple of riffs are really good.

More generally, ” Anatomy of Loss ” will undoubtedly delight the palates of the (few) vocalists of the above-mentioned sonoras, without having to invent anything but really little wrong.
It is more than good to me; Whoever, in turn, is interested in leaping claws and quinces, is asked to turn elsewhere.


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