CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Zware Metalen

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 23.19.14The Scottish writer / historian Thomas Carlyle quoted several centuries ago that perseverance is concentrated patience. The Lords of The Crawling able to talk about it.

They armed themselves only in 2014, after having a blessed age and passages in various local, obscure bands without much significance still loved each other. Their common devotion is the worship of pure, lingering doom / death metal in the old tradition of greats, is also enjoyed  solves Paradise and My Dying Bride . The Norwegian Syrach looms at first listen sporadically in me.

Anatomy of Loss sound despite a debut quite mature, thoughtful and beats all but the innovative way in which it is not meant negatively. Rather it is a nihilistic ride through a dark gloomy landscape. A ride that I repeatedly undergo with pleasure and has an excellent sound. Spun guitar lines with an eye for melody, menacing drums very sporadically increase the pace “dubbelbasgewijs” and a raw, dark throat, the segments of this album.

The trick there is to characterize him in every issue and make no colorless constant, something these Northern Irish partly succeed because not every number equally bold and compelling. In The Right to Crawl , however, the potential The Crawling strongly for the despair and aggression that this number carries with it in its repetitive structure is extremely contagious. Where the opening track An Immaculate Deception frontman Andy Clarke ” My only wish is to burn the world ” to roll out its throat, is also immediately clear which themes caress men.

The Crawling put this debut a very honest story nailed down it is tradition, and written to the example of aforementioned bands. Pleasant introduction.



Zware Metalen



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