CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Drowned

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 23.30.45I got her to listen to it at the beginning of February, and although I listen to it quite often, I could not make a few lines. I do not want this recording to be over forgotten, because it’s very good for my taste, so I’ll fix it.

The Crawling formed in the winter of 2014 and a year later they recorded the single “Choking On Concrete” . In October 2015, The Crawling comes with a three-volume album ” In Light of Dark Days”. Two songs from this epic appear on just the debut, but in a better sound. I was struck by the song “End of the Rope” (the only one on the debut is not), where it’s a great lethal bass …

On my debut, I like slow rolling compositions with an excellent semblance vocal and occasional black metal screaming, but perfectly comprehensible. The photos show that the boys have a lot behind them and the tools manage very well. I personally like the two “Poison Orange” with a lot of contagious refrain and one constantly repeating motif, passing through the finely rolling guitar solo, which fascinated the whole composition and accelerated again after a moment. It’s just such an alternation of rhythm that I like … and that I enjoy it in this song .

The final “Catatonic” with the grind hatches is really a cherry on the cake as it should be. For me, Anatomy of Loss” is a great debut and The Crawling is a pleasant surprise at the beginning of the year.


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