Metal Days – thank you!


MetalDays is complete, and it was nothing short of fantastic! 😎

We were treated like kings, and would like to thank everyone at Metal Days; special thanks to Mathias, Črt, the stage techs (especially for sorting a 5150 for Andy!), catering staff, sound engineers, lighting engineers, all the bands we met (and our Irish brothers Na Cruithne), and the new friends we made.

Thank you to all the press/media who supported us in the lead up, and took time to interview us at the festival. Particular kudos to Paul Sellier from cmm GmbH for setting it up!

Cheers to Kerri from Exposing Shadows Photography for coming along and documenting our whole trip – some cracking photos to come!

Thank you to Simon Hall, M2TM, and those at Bloodstock Festival for making this happen; we salute you.

Finally, and most of all, we would like to whole heartedly thank everyone that came to see us. We were totally blown away, and it was an experience we will never forget. Particular hails to those that bought merch and sought us out for CDs – you rock!


We will return…


Stay miserable

Andy + Stuart + Gary

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