CD review: ‘Anatomy Of Loss’ – Deadly Storm

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.25.02Clouds are soaked in blood. Rocks cry, and the water is icy like all the cursed hearts. Gloomy, mournful at this time. They get messy. I climb in the woods, join the company, enjoy the long stretching of the death of the doom bands.

I’m glad I met THE CRAWLING . Otherwise, I would be deprived of a nice chilling experience.

If we should define the music of these British, we would have to mention bands like NOVEMBER’S DOOM, MY DYING BRIDE, DRACONIAN, CATATONIA, and BOLT THROWER, ENTOMBED. It’s not so important again. In the case of similar packs, in the end, mainly a feeling of sadness and anxiety. And that’s what THE CRAWLING can do .

“Anatomy Of Loss” flashes out of the speakers like fog over the wetland. It is nothing new or exceptional, but it is certainly attractive in its own way. The band managed to materialize the mood of mourning ceremonies, deserted cathedrals and the last moments of dying. You know, it’s hard to describe what a person feels. Because it seems to me that my words are not enough. This is exactly the kind of group I liked during the first few tones, and I do not even know why. Maybe it’s just out of the way, maybe I needed to choose the backdrop for reading the book. I do not know, the associations that have been made are often unfeasible. Anyway, death doom metal in this version is my own, and I confess it for no reason. I recommend a raincoat, earphones and a deserted path in the middle of a forest. You will hear yourself. Great album!

Asphyx says:
“Anatomy Of Loss”  is a pretty nice morbid memory of old death / doom metal times. Every song is very powerful and was recorded in the deepest underground. The world is another day, but for us survivols this is a very pleasant experience. The riffs are shark like axis, the voice coming from the marsh and the atmosphere reminds the last convict’s minutes before execution. This trip to the history succeeds very well. This is the real, honest death / doom metal. Rotten, cruel, morbid. And now, let me be, I close myself to my cell, I will sacrifice to the dark forces and blaspheme against Gods. And I’ll listen to  THE CRAWLING ! Total old school death / doom metal massacre! Turn all crosses and welcome to the land of Undeath! 

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