LIVE review: Northern Deathfest – 27/01/2018 – Uber Rock

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 16.07.55

The Crawling take to the stage to the biggest pop of the afternoon so far (after all, despite the looming darkness outside, it’s barely gone a quarter to five): and, like the day itself, things are getting darker by the second…

As Gary Beattie’s double kicked bass drum punches straight into your heart, it’s hypnotic stuff as the dense growl crawls (sic) its way into every pore of your being and refusing to dislodge itself. Their doom-laden death metal is glorious in its pessimism, celebratory in its menacing magnificence – and, above all, brilliantly executed by a confident and assured trio of musicians who combine a sense of the dramatic with a beautiful sense of the simple joy that a stunning delivered riff can evoke.

With Mrs A having been forced to retreat to the pub next door due to the strobes – and integral, and on this occasion, laconically underused, part of The Crawling’s set but needlessly used to extreme in the others – she misses the funniest moment of the afternoon: Overoth frontman Dan headbanging away to the strains of The Sweet as he sets up his pedals!

Uber Rock
Mark Ashby

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